Companies should learn how to effectively work with freelancers

More and more companies are cooperating with freelancers. Understanding how to properly shape the cooperation to bring as many benefits as possible for both parties is a business necessity. [ Read more ]
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9 Best Free Material Design UI kits - 2018

The material design has formed its distinctive design style since 2014. Created and released by Google, it has become a full platform design language specification including Android Mobile, Android Tablet, Desktop Chrome, etc. Material Design can be seen across all of Google’s mobile apps including Gmail, Inbox, Calendar, YouTube and even the desktop sites. [ Read more ]
Published on 06/21/2018 by Ahmed Shehata.

You have to have these tools around if you marry freelancing and travel

From year to year, we have been travelling more frequently. The Earth is gradually becoming a global village in which everything is within arm’s reach. However, freelancers still have butterflies in their stomach about travelling as they fear of unknown places. What should they do? Let their all ears! [ Read more ]
Published on 05/26/2018 by Marcin Nieweglowski.

In case you're deadlocked by a lack of idea for next step as freelancer

Probably some of you took a decision to turn into freelancing business because it was about time to make a major change in your professional life. You deeply wanted to do what you love without involving anyone who would breathe down your neck. Finally, now you can fully navigate your career development as you imagined. In the course of time, however, you stumbled across obstacles one after another. [ Read more ]
Published on 05/19/2018 by Marcin Nieweglowski.

You have to develop these skills today if you still seriously think about you as freelancer in the future

Recently, we have taken a glance at some freelance-related professions which will be wanted within the next few years. It’s very likely that our collection hasn’t satisfied all of you because it wasn’t 100 percent accurate of what you do individually. However, in order to explain better and get prepared for far-reaching changes in our workplace, we have to go deeper. [ Read more ]
Published on 04/28/2018 by Marcin Nieweglowski.

The future jobs for freelancers are not endangered. A lot of work is expected

Since antiquity to the 21st century, mankind has been in flux. Recently, it has been remarkably geared up thanks to technology disruption based on automation and artificial intelligence. Moreover, it brought us both uncertainty and fascination of what we could expect round the corner. [ Read more ]
Published on 04/23/2018 by Marcin Nieweglowski.

Take a look at this in case you’re considering remote work from Spain

What do you conjure up Spain? I believe it’s Flamenco, ZARA, movies by Pedro Almodóvar, Antonio Gaudí heritage or The Primera División, or some of them. However, there’s another really big thing which you should get to know about Espana. [ Read more ]
Published on 03/30/2018 by Marcin Nieweglowski.

Top 25 fascinating facts about freelancing

An array of surfacing meanings and definitions of this business field means that it’s burgeoning in many ways. Whatever you call it - gig economy or the freelance economy or something familiar - remote work shifts people’s view of job attitude dramatically. So don’t take it lightly because this isn't a paper tiger. [ Read more ]
Published on 03/27/2018 by Marcin Nieweglowski.

Want to jump into the freelance world? Read this before making a choice

On average, we have to take a decision regarding our career development a few times in our life. At that time, we pull the plug to conduct a review of our current professional path. Sometimes it’s related to promotion possibilities. [ Read more ]
Published on 03/27/2018 by Marcin Nieweglowski.

This is what the day looks like for the most creative individuals

If the gold fish had really existed, what would be a freelancer's wish? To make the day longer. Time is the only thing that all of us have the same amount of. [ Read more ]
Published on 09/14/2015 by Marcin Niewęgłowski.

Take a look at what needs to be done so that your work at home was effective

Working from home, like other forms of work, has its pros and cons. To exclude all disadvantages (or reduce their influence to a minimum) you should be prepared for them. Would you like to know how to do it? [ Read more ]
Published on 09/14/2015 by Marcin Niewęgłowski.

A shark or a dolphin? What would you rather be?

Do you like to work with others? Or maybe you prefer a rivalry to the last drop of blood? If you do not know which category you belong to, this text will help you determine your "animal" affiliation. [ Read more ]
Published on 09/14/2015 by Marcin Niewęgłowski.