FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Useme - how does it work? Is it worth using Useme?

If you are a Freelancer, Useme gives you an opportunity of issuing invoices without establishing your own business activity - after you perform the work, we will settle the income with the relevant Inland Revenue and, at the end of the year, we will send you a PIT-11 statement. It’s the best choice for persons who simply wouldn’t benefit from running a business activity. If you are an Employer and you seek to conclude a creative work contract with an employee, Useme takes away your responsibility towards the Inland Revenue - we do it for you and we issue you an invoice for the ordered works. READ MORE > > >

How can I conclude a contract with an Employer?

There are two possibilities of concluding agreements via Useme. The ‘Issue an invoice without a company’ option is the first one; it is available directly from the menu of the website. You should use this option when you want to settle your own contract, so when you already have a specific Employer. The Employer doesn’t have to be a registered member of the website but the Employer’s data must be provided so that we can issue a VAT invoice. Please fill in all the fields marked with a star. Submitting an offer for a project added by an Employer is the second option. Then, it is the Employer who chooses the most suitable offer, and after it is selected, the entire process is run automatically - because both parties are verified Members and we have the data necessary to issue a contract.

Why do you need so much data? Do I have to disclose all of it?

The complete data is necessary for the purposes of issuing invoices correctly and settling PIT statements with the Inland Revenue. Therefore, it is important to provide us with the Employer’s data and the Freelancer’s data. We always check them - so, if you don’t submit a part of it, you deliberately slow down the entire process of concluding a transaction via Useme which may have an impact on, including but not limited to, the time of paying out your remuneration. Always check and provide all the data, such as: full address of residence (including the number of the suite if applicable), the Employer’s NIP number if it is a company, and full and specific address of the Inland Revenue with which you settle taxes - in accordance with the address of residence or permanent residence which you have provided earlier. Don’t be afraid of the security of your data - Useme uses encrypted connections and is supervised by GIODO.

When can I expect my remuneration?

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to receive the remuneration: the Employer’s data and the Freelancer’s data are correct, the work has been uploaded to the website and it has been accepted (accepted automatically or manually by the Employer), the preliminary invoice has been paid by the Employer. After all of these requirements are fulfilled, we will pay out your remuneration - in sessions, during working days, at 09:00 a.m. and 03:00 p.m. Then, the time of crediting your account with the amount depends on your bank.

How to get a bonus point for free transactions?

Useme takes a 5% commission from every transaction but you can avoid this fee. Just add your portfolio and your first transaction will be free of charges. You can also invite your colleagues or friends to sign up on Useme. When the person you have invited is verified as a member, both of you will receive a free transaction.

How should the perfect portfolio (which would grant me a bonus point) look like?

The perfect portfolio should include at least three of the following items: a link to previous projects or your own website, screens of performed works, previous functions and their descriptions, a name of a company or of an application being designed etc. The more information, the better results!

My portfolio has been rejected. Why?

Possibly your data was not sufficient and it does not meet Useme’s requirements. A portfolio must include samples of designed works (e.g. parts of texts, screens of photos), a specific place where your works can be found (we allow you to add links to blogs and websites, screens of previous jobs, etc.), addresses of websites with previous publications. We also appreciate contacts to previous employers who can confirm your experience. We accept graphics, detailed descriptions of previous duties and competencies, parts of texts, and other samples of performed works. We don’t accept unspecific descriptions (e.g. “various texts”, “coding - proficiency”, etc.) and employers who are difficult to identify and may not exist at all.

In what format should I upload the files with works?

A text, a code record, a screen, or other graphic files, depending on the subject of the job, may constitute a work. We kindly ask you to avoid weird formats which may not be opened on a regular user’s computer. Also, please do not upload encrypted archive files. The most preferred formats are as follows: for texts - txt, doc, docx, for graphic files and other programmer’s activities - jpg and png. We also accept PDF files for both forms of the performance of the work.

Why has Useme rejected my work?

Your work may not have had a correct text or format. Useme takes away your responsibility towards the Inland Revenue and takes this responsibility on its shoulders. So, for the purposes of inspections, we have to prove that the subject of the contract has been performed. It may be a text, a screen, or other graphic files, e.g. if it was a modernisation of a website, you should provide two screens - before and after, or one screen of the dedicated code. We kindly ask you to avoid weird formats which may not be opened on a regular computer. Also, please do not upload encrypted archive files. The most preferred formats are as follows: for texts - txt, doc, docx, for graphic files and other programmer’s activities - jpg and png. We also accept PDF files for both forms of the performance of the work.

How to change your account to a private account / a company account?

Unfortunately, you can’t do it on your own - if we did not supervise the process of changing the data, some users would abuse our system, e.g. by registering fictional companies. It would be the best if you created a new account for your company or as a private person - if you want to delete your previous account, contact us: info@useme.eu.

I have made an error in the contract! What will happen now?

You shall not worry! Just write to us: info@useme.eu. Don’t forget to describe the error in detail. If the contract has not been accepted and sent to the Employer yet, we will edit it for you. As for active contracts, we can issue adjustment notes (e.g. if there’s an error in the title) or clearing invoices, if there’s an error regarding the amount. If we can’t change the data, we will just issue a new contract - with the correct data.

I have a company but I want to settle the contract as a natural person. Is it possible?

It depends on the entry in your company’s Polish Classification of Activity. If the type of the job you wish to perform is the same as the type your company operates in, then, unfortunately, you must settle the job on Useme using the ‘company’ option. If the subject of the job is different than the profile of your activity is, you can settle the contract as a natural person.

Transfer of copyrights - what is it? Does it pay off?

A transfer of copyrights is nothing else than transferring rights to use and edit the work freely to the employer - you perform the work, and the Employer can do everything with it. It is profitable for you because the advance PIT payment is calculated on the basis of 50% of the remuneration (instead of 50%, as for contracts without transferring copyrights). However, if you want to use your own project for the purposes of other jobs, do not transfer the rights to one client.

When can I transfer the rights? When is it prohibited?

You can transfer copyrights every time when the work is unique and when it has been performed by you entirely and individually. Therefore, writing a sponsored text, a translation, or a project of a logo are unique, as well as designing a website from scratch. But, for example, building a database, so organising someone’s content, does not fall within the subject of copyright law.

Leasing in the context of online services?

Online leasing, similarly to leasing a real flat, is nothing more than leasing space on servers (hosting) and other websites (sponsored texts and advertising). As for Useme, it means that we charge the advance income tax payment as above, in the amount of 18% of the determined sum, or 8.5%, given that leasing is of a private nature (provided that you inform the Inland Revenue that you want to settle it as private leasing).

How to settle a private leasing contract

If you want to settle leasing with the Employers as private leasing, firstly you need to inform the Inland Revenue about it in person and to submit a relevant application. After the Inland Revenue accepts the application, you need to provide us with it - send us a signed and sealed scan of the confirmation of submitting the application. Then, we will be able to settle your contracts as private leasing with an 8.5% advance income tax payment.

My Employer wants to get a VAT invoice because this company doesn’t accept preliminary invoices. What should I do?

Useme is your guarantee that your Employer pays your remuneration. However, we do not vouch for it with our own financial funds because some unfair Employers could abuse our system. It is why we have introduced the obligation to pay preliminary invoices by the Employers, and it is why we do not accept other forms of settlement - regardless of the policy or reputation of the company with which you start cooperation. So, it is worth informing your Employer in advance that there will be a preliminary invoice to pay, and that a regular VAT invoice will be issued and sent only after our account is credited with the payment.

My Employer has asked if you will send a physical and signed VAT invoice.

We send physical copies of invoices only in justified cases, e.g. when concluding a contract with public institutions. We charge the Employer with an additional fee in the amount of 20 PLN for the postal service. It is worth informing the Employer in advance that the amount on the contract will be 20 PLN higher. You can also persuade the Employer to resign from the paper form - we have created Useme to simplify all the formalities.

Can I conclude a mandate contract with a person who does not have a student status?

Yes, concluding such a contract is possible but only if that person is employed on the basis of an employment contract, or already works on the basis of a mandate contract gaining an amount not lower than the minimum salary.

Why have I lost the ‘Verified Freelancer’ status?

All the interferences in the activity of our Users are carried out as the last resort so there must have been a serious and justified suspicion regarding your trustworthiness in the matter of performing works or of settling contracts. We may have been informed by other Users, or there may have been traces of an unfair activity on the Internet; however, we check the latter only after receiving the information from our Users, observing a suspicious activity on a user’s account, or observing an obvious and completely unjustified attempt to lead our Users out of the website, sending them offers not associated with the activity of Useme, or other indecent behaviours.

Why was my agreement closed by your administrator’s decision?

All the interferences in the activity of our Users are carried out as the last resort so there must have been a serious and justified suspicion that the contract is not compliant with the law being in force. It could be an attempt to settle as a work something qualifying for a mandate contract or even an employment contract, optionally as a leasing contract. We also close contracts at our Users’ requests. They are given the ‘closed by the administrator’ status – to close a contract, contact us (mailto: info@useme.eu).

Why did you close my job post?

Our administrators may close a job post if it is an employment advertisement, it has a job form, or it lacks information enabling the Freelancers to give their quotes. We attach a system messages to the information about closing the job post - should you have any doubts regarding it, please contact us: info@useme.eu.

Can I change the currency on the contract?

Individually? Unfortunately, no. We must supervise the process, otherwise, again, it would attract lots of cheaters. If you want to change the currency on your contract, please contact us: info@useme.eu. If the previous invoice has already been paid, we will issue a clearing invoice and prepare a new contract - you just need to inform us about its amount. Useme operates in the following currencies: euro, U.S. dollars, Polish zloty.

How can I delete my account on Useme?

Due to settlements with the Inland Revenue, you can’t change the data on your own, without our consent, nor delete your account. Please contact us: info@useme.eu and ask to delete your account. If you did not settle any contract, we will delete your data entirely and you will not be a User of our website any longer. However, if you did settle a contract and your remuneration has been paid out, then, according to Polish law, we have to store your data for a 5-year period. Of course, your account will be inactive and invisible to other Users; you will also lose the ability of logging in to Useme. After the lapse of the aforementioned 5-year period, we will delete your data entirely.

If you didn’t find an answer to the question which you were looking for, let us know: info@useme.eu!