Short version of Terms and conditions


Article 1 – Definitions

By reading this part, you will become familiar with all of the definitions used in the Terms and Conditions as well as every day on the website. You will learn what a post, a job, a deal, and a work are, who administers the website, and what is available to the Users, so the persons logged in to the website.

Article 2 - General Provisions

By reading this article, you will learn how the website functions, what the scope of your responsibility and of Useme’s responsibility is, and what rights and obligations you have to the website.

Important Provisions:

  1. As a Freelancer, you assume full responsibility for the performed work;
  2. As an Employer, you cannot require that Useme deliver or perform the work action covered by a deal – it is the Freelancer’s job;
  3. Useme is just a transactions-intermediating platform, so all of the disputes regarding a deal are settled by and between the Employers and the Freelancers – Useme may but is not obliged to help out with contacting the parties to a dispute;
  4. Useme may disclose the Freelancer’s data to the Employer if the Employer takes legal action in association with a deal concluded via the website;
  5. It is prohibited to settle a deal outside the Useme website – every attempt to take a deal out of the website (to settle it individually, to disclose a private bank account number) will result in us immediately blocking the User’s account and bringing a compensatory lawsuit to the court.
  6. “Pushy” advertisements and other spam-type messages are prohibited and also lead to us blocking the account.

Article 3 – Registration

  1. If you create an account with the website, you will simultaneously accept the Terms and Conditions. If you give incorrect or false data, you will bear the legal consequences of that action. Useme is entitled to ask you to confirm the authenticity of the data.
  2. You may withdraw from the registration process and ask to have your data removed by sending a message to

Article 4. General Conditions of Publishing Posts

  1. This part describes the entire system of entering Posts into the website. They must be in accordance with the law and the Terms and Conditions, and they must not contain the Employer’s private contact details. Every Post is verified by Useme before being published and may be edited or deleted if the administrator finds that a Post is not compliant with the law or the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Taking screen shots and copy-pasting the content of Posts into other websites is prohibited. Moreover, you must not apply for jobs that you cannot perform in order to boost your statistics on the website.

Article 5. Post Publication/Job Acceptance

A post shall describe to the greatest extent possible in which the job is to consist. The deal begins at the time of acceptance of the job by the Freelancer (in accordance with Article 66 of the Civil Code). Lack of payment of a preliminary invoice or a regular invoice for deals created on a job basis does not constitute automatic deal cancellation. All of the rates are hidden from other Freelancers – they are visible only to the Employer.

Article 6. Performance of a Job

  1. The performance of a job begins as of the moment of payment of the preliminary or regular invoice by the Employer. The monies await on our account the uploading of the work to the website by the Freelancer. However, before we pay out the remuneration, the Employer must accept or reject the work within 7 days. The Employer may also accept the work by payment if the Freelancer checks this option at the stage of issuing an invoice via the website.
  2. Method of settlement for Employer: the VAT rate is added to the basic amount agreed by the parties. Only foreign companies are not charged the VAT rate. For Freelancer: the Useme commission (10 PLN for amounts up to 200 PLN, and 5% for amounts higher than 200 PLN) and an advance personal income tax payment (a PIT form is sent at the end of the year) are deducted from the basic amount.
  3. If the Employer does not accept the work, the deal is given the ‘disputed job’ status. If the work is in accordance with the subject matter of the deal, the monies are paid out to the Freelancer. However, if the Administrators notice an inconsistency, they contact both parties. The Administrators may forward full documentation regarding the deal in order to settle a dispute.

Article 6a. Simplified Mode of Ordering a Job

  1. This article describes the rules for the use of the ‘Issue Invoice Without Company’ option thoroughly. It determined the rights and obligations of the Freelancer, who takes full responsibility for issuing an invoice correctly for the Employer.
  2. The scheme of proceeding is the same as in the example given above: issuing an invoice by the service → preliminary invoice to the Employer → securing the funds on the Useme account → work performance and upload to the service → work acceptance by the Employer (or acceptance by paying the preliminary invoice) → fund payment to the Freelancer.
  3. Important matter – in this form of agreement, the failure to pay the preliminary invoice results in the cancellation of the agreement.

Article 7. Fees

The major part of the Useme service is free of charge. The only fees are the commission referred to above (5% above 200 PLN, 10 PLN for amounts not exceeding 200 PLN) and the fee for issuing an invoice on paper and for issuing the invoice instead of a preliminary invoice sooner. Other fees are determined by the Schedule to the agreement available HERE >>>

Articles 8 and 9 – Feedback System and Forum

It is possible to exchange messages, issue opinions, and use the forum within the service. It is forbidden to publish advertisements and send SPAM messages – any post of this kind will be removed, and the Users will be blocked for a determined period or permanently. Vulgar posts and posts against the Terms and Conditions will also be removed.

Article 10 – Other Provisions of the Terms and Conditions

Useme shall not be liable for the actions of the Users. If the account is blocked for infringing the Terms and Conditions, it results in the automatic deletion of all posts. Incorrect posts and posts unfair towards the competition will also be removed.

Articles 11 and 12 – Complaints and Termination of the Agreement with the Service

  1. The User may file a complaint regarding the Useme services by sending an e-mail to:, in which the User should indicate its full data (name, surname, correspondence address, e-mail address registered with the service, and phone number), and the number of the Post/Job together with the materials subject to the complaint. Useme shall have 7 working days to respond to the complaint or longer, shall Useme inform the User about such a need.
  2. The User may terminate the agreement with the service at any moment, so delete its account upon order. Please write to if you wish to delete your account. If the User has not concluded agreements through the service, the account will be deleted with all of the data. However, if there have been agreements, the service must keep that data for a period of 5 years, according to the law. Either way, the User will lose the possibility of logging in to the service.

Articles 13, 14 and 15 – Privacy Policy, Changes to the Terms and Conditions, and Final Provisions

  1. You have the right to change your data and ask to have it removed (send an e-mail to Your data is protected and we do not share it with third parties unless there are suspicions that a crime or an offence has been committed. Useme may change the content of the Terms and Conditions, but it will inform its users of such changes. If you do not accept the changes, you will be unable to continue to use the service.
  2. The activity of the service is compliant with the provisions of Polish law, as well as the agreements concluded through the service between the Employer and the Freelancer. Any disputes will be settled by relevant Polish common courts. The Terms and Conditions in Polish and their translation into English are the legally binding Terms and Conditions.

Important! This article does not constitute Terms and Conditions in the legal meaning. To see the document, GO TO THE FULL VERSION OF THE T&Cs >>>