what does it mean that my Freelancer's profile has been verified?

Verification of your account means that our administrators check and confirm the correctness of data that you provided in your Freelancer's account in Useme and then grant you the authorized Freelancer status.

You need this status to post offers to jobs in Useme. Freelancers whose account's status is not verified can post up to 5 offers.

We verify Freelancers' accounts on a daily basis during Useme Customer Service Office's working hours (from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 5 pm)

What does Useme need your data for?

When you issue an invoice without a company or receive a job from our Freelancers, we make an agreement with you. To conclude a deal, we require your full data (name and surname, permanent or temporary address, national identification/insurance number).

We use and process your data only for the settlement of the deal. We do not use it for any other purposes. Under no circumstances do we disclose our Users' data to third parties.