Browser Automation/Web Testing

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I need to automate form filling tasks on certain websites.

Some are harder than others, have more processes/steps to activate. Captcha is one part of the process, but also clicking email confirmation link and in some cases adding a virtual card and selecting plan.

We will need to use Proxies which I can buy/supply. And its not only using proxies but we have to take some steps to avoid Browser fingerprinting. by passing different screen resolution, useragent/OS and other parameters/randomly. Also very important to disable or fake webRTC otherwise the proxies are useless.

Also the emails used to make the accounts can be a little tricky. Because these days buying emails is not a good plan, even if the vendor doesn't resell to someone else (which they do a lot), can be locked out of the account for logging in from another IP/region. So we need either a list of unblocked emails (like Rediffmail) or we should make our own, but this will also need virtual sim/number (also possible to arrange/buy). the sim/phone number can be useful in verifying some of the accounts too.

I need the results all in a spreadsheet. Data like account username, password, timestamp of creation, email and associated phone number, associated proxy, region of proxy etc.

The final programs/scripts will be run on my machines i.e only I should be able to posses the information of the created accounts. So instructions will be required.

Look forward to your input/advice. Specific details on further communication.

The work can be done in Selenium/python/beautifulsoup, or puppeteer/js/nodeJS.



Required functions:

browser automation, web testing

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Krystian Broniszewski
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