graphic design of an advertising leaflet

budget: do negocjacji / added: 4 days ago / expires: on 2019-07-12

I would like to create a nice leaflet that will look elegant and professional. One file needed for printing, light identification to be sent in the email for potential customers. I will have...

Analysis of brand communication, logo, visual...

budget: do negocjacji / added: 4 days ago / expires: on 2019-08-11

Hello all, we are looking for creative graphics. An IT company that creates websites, stores, applications. We need a few things. 1) Analysis of brand communication 2) Logo 3) Visual...

Retouching - changing color of clothes

budget: do negocjacji / added: 6 days ago / expires: on 2019-09-08

We are looking for a graphic that will take care of, among other things, processing of finished photos - mainly changing the colours of clothing, in existing photos. In most cases, they are...

fashion photographycorel drawphotoshop

Designing and creating a product catalog

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-06-06 / expires: on 2019-07-06

We are a company specializing in the production of the technology of devices for performing systemic cryotherapy. We are currently looking for a person with whom we will cooperate in creating a...

marketing photographyadvertising photographygraphicsphoto edition

Logo design

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-06-06 / expires: on 2019-07-06

We're looking for someone who will create a logo for our company's website and social media.

vector graphicsgraphicsweb designlayout design


budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-06-04 / expires: on 2019-07-04

Creation of comprehensive visual identification for the newly created wine store from Germany. The concept and design of the LOGO (name of the company will be transferred to the Contractor at a...

Making bedding mockups, product graphics and...

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-06-02 / expires: on 2019-07-02

making bedding mockups, product graphics and product visualization in the interior based on files with a pattern while maintaining the actual size of the pattern

T-shirt design for a travel agency!

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-05-27 / expires: on 2019-06-26

I represent the traveler club - we organize active weekend trips (mountains, canoes, bicycles, city breaks). Our target group is people working in the 30+ age group. Our...

graphics designer for sports clothing

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-05-22 / expires: in 5 days

Hello. I'm looking for cooperation graphics designer making designs for sports' clothing (screen printing) preferred permanent cooperation. I am asking for the valuation of creating 1 project

Design of a sports team symbol

budget: do negocjacji / added: 5 days ago / closed

We will order the creation of the company's sports team symbol, which will be printed on T-shirts. Elements of the character: - the name of the TCM Bears Team - company name - a symbol of a bear,...

Graphics for Facebook posts

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-05-28 / closed

I will ask you to prepare graphics for Facebook and other social media. The graphics will appear with entries posted in social media and their main task will be to attract eyesight and interest....

social mediacanvagraphicsweb designlayout design

Design of floor stickers

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-05-27 / closed

Hello, I am looking for a graphics designer to create 4 floor stickers, which will be on the passage in the shopping center (maximum size: 90x90cm). It's about 4 different stickers that will be...


Template + graphics for the online store

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-05-24 / closed

Please, quote the template and graphics for the online store. It's all about the layout, fonts, etc. + 12 graphics to the category + a newsletter pop-up + an interestingly designed home page....

graphic designonline shoplayout design

graphics projects for social media

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-05-22 / closed

I am looking for a graphic designer for long-term cooperation. The order would cover the creation of approx. 20-25 graphics / per month for corporate social media (Fb, IG, YT) - according to the...

mobile app design + logo

budget: 500 PLN / added: on 2019-05-21 / closed

We are looking for graphics to design a layout and a logo for a mobile application. The mobile view should consist of: - login view - view of user account settings (instagram inspiration) - wall...

mobile design

graphic designs on stickers for children

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-05-21 / closed

I will commission graphic designs on shaped stickers. Stickers for children with the ability to change pictures and text It can be cdr files I have ready-made nets. Let's say 20 different projects...

logo, website, advertising materials

budget: 10000 PLN / added: on 2019-05-16 / closed

a) Analysis of the proposed investment names. b) Designing the developer's logo and two investments. c) Preparation of the following promotional materials for each investment. • Image folder, four...

photo drawing A3 format

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-05-16 / closed

I am asking for the valuation of handwritten drawings with pencil 14 graphics. The graphics should be made in A3 format for later scanning. Below are the source materials as well as a catalog...

Making a project of animated graphics

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-05-13 / closed

I will commission the creation of an animated graphics project similar to the one below.

Designing the leaflet

budget: do negocjacji / added: on 2019-05-09 / closed

The order concerns the implementation of an advertising leaflet, the leaflet is addressed to those interested, it must be done aesthetically. Wood industry. I also care about creating content. I...