bookface design

budget: 2000 PLN / added: 4 days ago / expires: on 2020-01-09

For a science writing book that explores an IQ impact on modern society, and argues: 1 that IQ is overwhelmingly determined by the genom; 2 that Marxist left wing perpetuates mysticism claiming...

graphicsillustrationslayout design

Creating additional graphics for the mobile...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-17 / expires: in 2 days

We need to create an additional 5 maps with special dinosaurs suitable for these maps (3 for each map). Free creative invention. In addition, you need to improve base enhancements to better match...

maps for a travel agency, researching away...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-11-27 / closed

We are a traveler's club and we organize low-budget trips around Poland and abroad. We are looking for a graphic designer (ideally who loves traveling;)) to create maps for the needs of our trips...

google search consolegraphicspre-press

Preparation of a logo and key visual for a website

budget: 2000 PLN / added: on 2019-11-12 / closed

I am looking for a person / agency that will take care of the implementation of the logo and a set of guidelines for building further graphic design of the website: The whole...

adobe photoshopcorporate identitydesigngraphicslayout designlogotypography

graphics design

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-11-12 / closed

I will commission some graphics. Themes - an online fantasy game. The style is rather simple. - Button (~ 120px / 50px) - Banner (~ 600px / 80px) - Logo (~ 660px / 350px) - Image for profile...

Graphic Design for Silk Scarves

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-11-07 / closed

I am looking for a creative person to design new silk scarf patterns for our company. The complexity of the designs will be identical to the scarves, which can be found here:...

adobe illustratoradobe indesignadobe photoshopgraphicslayout designvector graphics

Simple vector graphics

budget: 50 PLN / added: on 2019-11-06 / closed

I will write briefly and to the point. I need a simple illustration for our website, which will show what is shown in the picture in the attachment. I cannot use the graphics from the attachment...

adobe illustratorillustrations

Logo and iconography design and finding stock...

budget: 200 PLN / added: on 2019-11-04 / closed

Hi, I am looking for a person who will create for me a simple logo for an event company and also choose from various folders available on the Internet stock photos for the website (preferably free...

graphic designgraphicsinfographicslogophotography

cabinet design - detailed description and...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-28 / closed

Good morning, I will commission someone to design a wardrobe, I have the exact specification, a description of what materials and what construction. This is quite an interesting order because it...

adobe illustratoradobe photoshopcorporate identitygraphics

Visual identification

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-24 / closed

I will arrange the visual identification of a newly created clothing brand: 1. Logotype and book of the mark 2. The concept and set of representative and marketing materials 3. Graphic...

bannercorporate identitylayout designlogotypographyvector graphicsweb design

Looking for a graphic designer to work on freelance

budget: 3000 EUR / added: on 2019-10-23 / closed

We are looking for a graphic designer to work on freelance. We are a gambling company. We need a person who knows the specifics of working with similar sites. We guarantee an excellent salary....

graphics design for the application

budget: 1000 PLN / added: on 2019-10-19 / closed

The scope of work: 1. Icon; 2. Background in the application; 3. Additional animations; 4. Different fonts. The application will be available on ios and android

bannergraphicslayout designlogovector graphicsweb design

Sushi bar consumption room design

budget: 520 PLN / added: on 2019-10-18 / closed

Hello, I will commission the creation of a 2D design room for a sushi bar, previously setting out the details of the decor. Minimalist style with a raw theme.

adobe illustratoradobe indesignadobe photoshoparchitecturegraphics

Leaflet A4 folded to DL (Double-sided) for a...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-15 / closed

I am looking for a graphic to make a leaflet for a beauty salon, briefly describing the services. Elegant style, without intense colors, is to be associated with high quality Aesthetic Medicine /...

adobe illustratoradobe indesignbannergraphicslayout designlayout designleafletspre-pressvector graphics

RWD product configurator design, graphics...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-09 / closed

We need a one-page graphic design for personalizing the embroidery made on Santa's hat. The complete process from the choice of string, thread color, font type to payment and confirmation. The...

adobe photoshopgraphicslayout designlayout designvector graphicsweb design

Company Logo + Brand Hero + Banners

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-07 / closed

Welcome. We are looking for a company or a person who will make a logo together with the brand hero character and promotional banners for our company. We manufacture home appliances, we want to...

eagle with 4 heads

budget: 50 PLN / added: on 2019-10-07 / closed

I need an eagle design with 4 heads, turned in different directions (4 directions of the world). It can be, for example, something similar to this attached.


graphic design - graphic identification, lawyer blog

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-02 / closed

Hi. I am looking for a creative graphic designer to create a graphic identification project for a law blog. Projects strictly referring to the gown / temids / weights rather fall off - we are...

corporate identitygraphicslayout design

Label design for herbal tea

budget: 120 PLN / added: on 2019-10-02 / closed

I need a label design for herbal tea. The label should be in the form of a sticker on the top of the packaging (the packaging is in the form of a transparent envelope). I have a photo of a sample...


2 graphics - shopping card and clothing tag

budget: 100 PLN / added: on 2019-09-20 / closed

Hello, I will commission 2 graphics designs. One of them is a clothing tag, the other is a thank you card for shopping. Fashion industry.

adobe photoshop