budget: 10000 USD / added: on 2019-10-26 / expires: on 2020-01-24

As the VP for out Digital Marketing department, you should have extensive digital marketing experience and a passion for technology. Your prime objective is to generate high quality leads to grow...

blogcodingserviceuser experienceweb developmentweb sitewordpress

Preparation and implementation of checklist...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-08-10 / closed

I am looking for a person who will prepare and implement checklists for a gastronomic point using Manifest.ly. There will be about 5-7 different lists to be prepared and the assignment planned in...

Research - Film and TV industry

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-07-28 / closed

Hi! I'm opening a new branch of our Production House in Europe and I need somebody to help out. At the beginning, it's going to be mostly industry research but with the time being there're will be...

Transcriptions in English

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-06-14 / closed

We are looking for people to transcribe in English from June 18-19. Our expectations are: - fluency in English, - knowledge of the rules of spelling and punctuation, - knowledge of Microsoft...

creating interactive documents for sale in an...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-01-06 / closed

The service consists in creating a document based on existing one and easy loading into the document of the company's logo which purchased the document, loading drawings from the project as well...

Preparation of a business plan

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2018-12-07 / closed

I need an assistance in the preparation of a business web platform plan.

business plan

VA and cold caller

budget: 200 EUR / added: on 2018-11-05 / closed

Hi, Jacob here. We had recently runned company and need one person to help. We offer flexible hours, good salary with aspirations to grow up and great team to work with. We need someone with...

virtual officewirtualna asystentka

virtual assistant with English - constant...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2018-10-31 / closed

Our company dealing in the production of mattresses and other children's accessories and the distribution of toys. We sell our products mainly on online platforms. We are looking for a person to...

dodawanie produktówenglishvirtual office

Copying products from eBay to Prestashop - approx 600

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2018-07-12 / closed

Hi I need someone to copy/import approx 600 products (clothing, shoes, accessories) from eBay store to Prestashop. Products are usually with variation (size), description and photos to be copied...

dodawanie produktówprestashop

Email Blast

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2017-12-23 / closed

Need someone to create and manage email blast campaign. I am looking for someone that can make sure emails get delivered to customers inbox and not goto spam or get returned. Need full reporting...


budget: 1500 EUR / added: on 2014-06-22 / closed

Content Writer DWI Online Marketing Private Limited

budget: 600 EUR / added: on 2014-05-05 / closed


budget: 1500 EUR / added: on 2014-04-19 / closed