MANOVA, PCA, decision trees

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The task is divided into two parts. The detailed content of the second part will depend on the results of the first part.

On the provided data (csv) I will order:

Part 1 (brute-force parameters to choose the best):

• MANOVA + MANOVA post-hoc test (eg Bonferroni or Tukey)

• Decision trees (+ cross-validation)

• SVD, PCA, score plot

Part 2:

• XGBoost, Random Forest (+ cross-validation)

• [optional] MLDA, SIMCA

I want to have access to results and sources (with comments) with the opportunity to talk about it. Programs are to be written in Matlab and RStudio (preferred).

After notification I will send the details of the task.

I prefer billing separately for both parts.


machine learningmatlabstatistic

Place or location:


Required functions:

code in Matlab, code in R


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