Joined on: 2019-04-08
Nakło nad Notecią, Poland
SKILLS: creationsocial mediasocial media marketing

I am an experienced and highly driven content creator what manifesting in such things as book writing, social media management, campaigns creation, or titles, slogans and brands creator aswell.

As a child I was supposed to be someone far away from being creator. I thought that the only way of creation is painting, drawing or singing with wasn’t my strength at all. Fournately when I was 10 y.o during a meating with my friends when we were creating own game based on own rules in our own world I've realized that inside me, somewhere when I’m barely reaching down is hidden a pure talent to creation. When I realized that I also figured out one really important thing. Schemes are necessary but breaking them in proper way in proper moment is the highest way of art. I had also an undisputed pleasure to take big part in creation the other world 10 years later as Escape Room.

I'm an extrovert focused more on positive feelings to people, hope about bright future and making things done, than an introvert who is closed in own world. However, I can not say that I'm a pure extrovert, a lot of my traits, like highly driven strategy thinking developed during 6 year amateur tournament chess career, work organization with is strongly enhanced by "Nozbe", talent to learn languages by with I've developed my English level to C1, or patient and perseverance in moving forward to attached aim.

Creation is the only thing I've ever found out that making butterflies in my stomach at my career way. I’m allergic to staying in the same place. I constantly need a challenge for myself. When I find a certain insight of my clients group, or some solution or some way to create something with push project with I'm working with I fell alive, I fell that I'm right person in right place and that’s my fuel to work even harder than before.

I’m strong individualist who love to work with others, but also need space and time for working alone. I prefer to work alone and atleast once per day consult results with the rest of the group. I believe that’s the best connection that gives multiple options at the end of the day.

Marketing is for me undisputedly the very special space where strategy, creation and schemes, connected with thinking out of the box meet each other. For me it's an ideal connection with able me to fulfill 100% of my potential, keep my motivation to push forwards project and make me sincerely happy.

I’m aware about my weaknesses. Sometimes I’m putting too much of soul in creations with I’m working about and forgot about cold schemes and previous assumptions. Therefore, I believe even stronger than working in full professional team with share my philosophy and ideas, who will be on my reach when I need to consult something can make me more complete and happier creator.

After accurate study on I deeply believe that we share same ideas of Kaizen philosophy with pushing us to uncapable perfection, we share same ambitious to achieve goals and I'm sure that we will gain mutually by cooperation.

I hope that we’ll have opportunity to talk each other about our potential cooperation in future!