DNA Oleś Wollenberg

DNA Oleś Wollenberg

Joined on: 2018-03-22
Olszowice, Poland
SKILLS: architecturecorporate identitygraphicslayout designlogophotographyposterstypography

Born in 1960 I deal with traditional and design graphics, painting, artistic and advertising photography, sculpture, interior design and furniture. He currently lives and works in Krakow. Works in private collections in the country and abroad.

System identyfikacji Basenu AGH w Krakowie

Creation of the AGH Basin identification system in Krakow.


Weinberg Consulting - projekt systemu identyfikacji

Weinberg Consulting - identification system design. Logo, business cards, etc.


Logo Instytutu Forum Psychodramy

Continuous graphic collaboration with IFP

Identyfikacja Psychoterapia Hanuszkiewicz

Psychoterapia Hanuszkiewicz - identification system design. Logo, business cards, etc.


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