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Joined on: 2019-06-17
Lublin, Poland
SKILLS: angular2javascriptMongoDBmysqlphppostgresqlpythonsymfonytypescript

I'm php developer with four years experience in commercial projects. I worked in several companies and I was part of teams in ERP/CMS projects. We create apps in php(symfony3/4, zend2), postgresql, mysql, mongodb(doctrine 2). I usually use phpstorm, github/bitbucket/gitlab, JIRA. I know SOLID and DRY principles. One of project was developed according to the CQRS pattern. I know and use basic design patterns.

I encourage to visit my GitHub page: github.com/maciejkosiarski and stackoverflow profile: stackoverflow.com/users/6635119/mcek

Strona wizytówka

http://kosiarski.pl download:

biblioteka do obsługi JsonWebToken

https://github.com/maciejkosiarski/jwt-keeper-bundle download:

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