Karolina Wadecka

Karolina Wadecka

Joined on: 2019-03-26
Jastrzębiec, Poland

My name is Karolina and I am 21 years old. I come from Warsaw. By profession, I am a technician in an advertising organization. I have A.26 certificate (Sales of products and advertising services) and A.27 (Organization and running of an advertising campaign) and a diploma. I also have a certificate of social competence "Life Skills - Training of social competences". I speak English (intermediate) communicative because I use it on a daily basis. I am a freshman in the Computer Science profile.

Digital ART- my character

The works on the webiste are done hobbistically. They were noticed by various foreign corporations and often very much appreciated. I attach great attention to details and I try to do it professionally. I enjoy what I do. I also know technical matters. I distinguish colors. All works are done on the Wacom graphics tablet, in the Medibang pro program and processed either in photoshop or via Photoscape. I also have experience in vector graphics. I have skills in illustrator.



I have skills in Illustrator and a vivid imagination. Always I will adapt to the client and give interesting ideas. Usually, I do such projects quite briefly and I pay very much attention to the details. This project was for the music player application that will soon be released.

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