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Warszawa, Poland
SKILLS: mysqlPowerShellpython

Im hobbist programmer and recently im working as a Helpdesk Specialist/ Practical Programmer. Im fluently working with PowerShell and all bunches which PS is compatible with VBA, Python ,Clojure and SQL databases. I'll kindly take on new challenges to progress in every programing language.

Program formatujący dane meteo

Program downloads data from some meteo website which collects meteo data from all stations in defined country, parses synop data to readable format and exports it to file or database. It contains solutions of website problems for example limited queries per moment or clean data problems

Generator etykiet do okreslonego formatu arkusza

Program which generates labels for exclusive sticker format (basic printer are be able to work with it). Everything from PowerShell level and its translation to VBA for MS Word. Program required creating additional module properties to convert string into QR Code.

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