Marcin Mikołajczak

Joined on: 2019-09-04
Kutno, Poland
SKILLS: backendcssfrontendhtmlhtml5javascriptrwdwoocommercewordpress

Full-stack web developer experienced in front-end frameworks like Vue.js and Angular and back-end technologies like AdonisJs.

Aplikacja mobilna Dąbrowszczak

Mobile app created for a high school located in Kutno. It has a timetable, substitutions notifications, news about school and it allows communication between teachers and students. Its back-end is written in AdonisJs. Front-end is a hybrid app written in Ionic 4 and Angular. It’s still waiting for official release.


Progressive web app designed to help with memorizing long pieces of text. It uses Vuetify as a Vue UI library. It allows to make a local backup of learning progress and supports internationalization. It’s licensed under MIT license.

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