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Częstochowa, Poland

Hello I have been working in the IT industry since 2006, on begining as an employee of an outsourcing company, and then as a freelancer. I mainly deal with the creation of websites and non-standard internet systems, in addition to this continuous service, since 2009 working with several companies in the field of IT support and CCTV monitoring.

From 2018, I am also associated with the subject of the new Personal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Oldtimer - Centrum

Website dedicated to the sale and import of oldtimers cars.

http://www.oldtimer-centrum.pl download:

F.H.U. Perfekt

Online store dealing in the sale of LPG components with global reach

http://www.lpg.auto.pl download:

Dom seniora Victoria

Webpage od Senior's House Victoria in Częstochowa

http://www.centrum.cieslik.pl/ download:

F.H.U. Perfekt internetowy system wsparcia działalności firmy

Internet software integrated with an internet service that offers package management services, divided into several basic services - The workshop: list of agreed service orders and their specifications additionally has functions is notification of clients about the upcoming service by sms - Complaints /Reclamation: and supporting complaint procedures divided into several elements of the party Verification. Return to producer. Receipt from producer. Decision and solution for customer - Returns: as above - List of tasks for employees with acceptation option what include execution date and additional information from worker

Dom Seniora Victoria

Complete Lan and Wi-fi installation covering the entire facility Installation of a hotel television system with an additional channel containing, if necessary, a live program from the center's common room / chapel Installation of the common room, audio visual system (projector, sound system together with microphones and mixers, with caraoce options)


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