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Pisz, Poland

I'm 22 years old. I'm studying at third year of Journalism and Public Communication at University of Szczecin. I finished language module at high school with high score (75%) in extendend polish language and passed english exams with a hundred percent results. I've finished my apprenticeships at copywriting and preparing press conferences in Luxury Care & More company. I'm into literature which affects my skills. I'm ready to start working today.

Esej o audiowizualnej dziedzinie sztuki (grach video)

An essay I wrote for grade in Media Transformation on Culture Transformation module. The best grade of all of the group.

download: przemiany_kultury.pdf

Esej o czynniku wpływającum na zmiany w języku użytkowym

An essay about language transformations affected by communicating via social media (forum - in this case). It conserns acronyms and English language affection. Work is based on hype5.pl site which conserns streetwear fashion.

download: praca_zaliczeniowa_-_hype5.pdf

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