ReCodeIT sp. z o. o.

ReCodeIT sp. z o. o.

Joined on: 2019-05-29
Sosnowiec, Poland

We are a team of young, passionate and highly skilled developers, itching to create and cooperate. Don't ask us whether we are capable of delivering. Tell us when we are ought to deliver.

Whether it is website or blog, e-commerce platform, web application or a mobile application - we are at your service!

ReCodeIT. Twój nowy partner w ReWolucji świata.

Website containing a detailed description of our services and our current portfolio. download:

Black Rose Projects

Website for a game development company that also ports video games to consoles. It is available in two different languages. It informs about their services, achievements and their positions to fill. By implementing specific forms it makes recrutation a breeze. download:


Computer Assisted Design program meant for heating installation design for a group that specializes in modern energy-saving floor heating solutions. It allows it's users to fill the floor plan of any building with devices needed for order completion, such as heating mats and foils, wires and thermostats.

Through further cooperation, after coming up with new ideas for improvement of the previously created CAD app, new features were added: - generation of personalized business offers and pricing details, which significantly shortens the time needed to inform interested clients about the specifics of the deal, - drawing thermal insulation pieces on the floor plan. download: img20190923_13135338_jWCe0fn.pdf

Polskie Centrum Samochodowe

Online shopping platform for a car service provider, automotive shop and oil wholesaler. It provides a detailed description of provided services. The implementation of personalized product search tool allows it's users for selection of the best motor oil meant for the specified car. The site also integrates Przelewy24 payment method and enables ordering through InPost services. download:

NN Audio

Website for a local audio producting and recording company. It informs about their services and enables direct contact via multiple specific forms. It also makes scheduling appointments possible thanks to the integration of Callendly services. download:

Alexander Kaal Transporte

Landing-page website for a land transport company, created based on the needs, individual vision and requirements of the clients. It informs about their services and enables quick and easy communication by the form. The Night Mode is an unusual and interesting addition - it allows the viewers of the website to choose the style of displaying content which they like better, depending on their preferences and time of day. download: List_referencyjny_PL_EN.pdf


The order involved the creation of specialized nutrition calculator, as an upgrade from one originally created in .xls format and based on VBA scripts, to a web form available on the website of caring animal dietician. Solutions implemented by our company allow for preparation of a complete nutrition plan based on BARF diet principles, suggestions of foods and supplements for proper planning and generation of a complete plan in .pdf format. download:

Klient indywidualny – Baza danych online

The order invloved the visual refreshment of a database browser, meant for storing information about safe Internet browsing for people with mental disabilities, as well as adding functionality to the admin panel. In order to make the browser more interactive and fluid, we used the advanced and modern LitElement library. Changes implemented by our company made the browser more responsive and visually attractive. It also received a clear, easy to navigate UI. It allows for displaying, searching for, sorting and filtering of the rules of safe Internet browsing. It is available in many different languages, which can be changed without the need to refresh the page. download:

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