RnD Team

RnD Team

Joined on: 2019-08-14
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
SKILLS: adobe after effectadobe illustratoradobe indesignadobe photoshopbussines cardc#c++cssdata analysisdelphidrawinggraphic designgraphicsindividual projectsjavascriptleafletslogopackaging designphpposterspythonvector graphicsvisualizationvisualizing 3Dweb design

RnD Team Design Studio was founded by two scientists who decided to switch to creative life after the career in particle physics.

A fresh look at the visual content design is our mission. Your brand identity and business data will get a unique, aesthetic and meaningful presentation with us. We love generative art, cutting edge 3D ray tracing and machine learning, all mixed with traditional techniques of graphic design. We strive for breaking the limitations and recurrence imposed by popular designing tools, so we develop and share our own. Where did the name RnD come from? Is it research and development?

Yes, and not only. We spent over a decade in particle physics, always working together. Working for such a long time in almost all major physics laboratories around the world we became known as Robert and Dorota, RnD. We even started signing our emails as RnD so there is no doubt that both of us have the same opinion! In our design work we are constantly looking for new solutions. We are also making our own tools. So it is still lots of research and development.

Wybrane projekty zrealizowane w naszym studiu, RnD Team.

https://rnd.team download: rnd.team.portfolio.pdf

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