RnD Team Robert Sulej

RnD Team Robert Sulej

Joined on: 2019-09-03
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
SKILLS: 3dadobe photoshopc c#c++corporate identitydesigngraphicsjavascriptlayout design.NETphotographypythonrenderingweb design
  • Data scientist, ML and 3D code developer at RnD Team.
  • Google Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics 2016.
  • Ph.D. in electronics at WUT, Warsaw, Poland.

I decided to switch to creative life after the career in particle physics.

I love generative art, cutting edge 3D ray tracing and machine learning, all mixed with traditional techniques of graphic design. I strive for breaking the limitations and recurrence imposed by popular designing tools, so I develop and share own tools, see PlotOptiX.

For over a decade I was working in major physics laboratories around the world: CERN (Switzerland), Fermilab (USA), J-PARC (Japan), LNGS (Italy), leading the data analysis efforts in neutrino experiments.

Together with MLJAR team, I was involved in the USA energy market, designing AI systems for electricity load and day-ahead price prediction.

The Moon data visualization.

The Moon data visualization project made at RnD Team for the PlotOptiX package demonstration. We searched for the highest resolution data to make the Moon almost touchable. It is ray-traced in Python with PlotOptiX. Code is available on GitHub, and you can also read the story on Medium.


Data scraping and visualization.

Visualization of data scraped from Instagram made for our Studio homepage. Data is collected, ray-traced, and compressed to the video stream in the real time.


PlotOptiX - ray-tracing in Python

3D ray tracing package for Python, aimed at easy and aesthetic visualization of large datasets (and small as well). Data features can be represented on plots as a position, size/thickness and color of markers of several basic shapes, or projected onto the surfaces of objects in form of a color textures and displacement maps. All finished with a photorealistic lighting and depth of field.


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