Ryszard Gwozdowski FirmValue

Ryszard Gwozdowski FirmValue

Joined on: 2019-04-09
Warszawa, Poland
SKILLS: androidapacheapibackendcssdatabasesdockergitgradlehtmlhtml5javascriptlinuxmavenMongoDBmysqlpostgresqlpythonReactredisRESTruby

I can offer hands-on Business Intelligence, ETL, reporting and Machine Learning experience in the context of BigData, esp. with respect to Apache Spark expertise (both Python and Scala).

For example, I have helped run production grade ETL / reporting pipelines for Boston, Massachusetts, and London, England, based start-ups, using Databricks and AWS Glue, respectively.

On top of that, I have experience as an official Alliance Partner of Tableau and have helped a number of clients in various industries enhance and sometimes reinvent their Business Intelligence systems.

I also have expertise in writing MongoDB aggregation pipeline queries, administration, performance tuning and diagnostics.

Please, contact me so that I can find out more about your project and how I could help.

List of Technologies:

Apache Spark, Scala, PySpark, SparkSQL AWS Glue, Hadoop, Hive,

Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, ETL Pipelines, Data Science, Machine Learning, --- JavaScript, Python, Scala, R, Ruby NodeJS, MeteorJS, React, React Native, HTML5, CSS3, Android, iOS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, MongoDB, OrientDB, Redis, Neo4J, RESTful APIs, GraphQL, Prisma, --- Tableau (Tableau Server Official Qualification), --- Git, JIRA, Unit Tests, Integration Tests, CD/CI, Linux, Ubuntu, Bash, Docker, AWS, Azure, GPC, Heroku, Databricks;

A simple API to solve Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP Sample Request)

FEBRUARY 2018 Web Development rest, load-testing, geospatial, mongodb, aws-application, docker, api-development, javascript, express-js, node.js

Given a set of location input points (pairs of geographical coordinates), return a sequence in which to visit each point and return to the point of departure.

This API can can help you to quickly: 1. schedule sales rep visits, 2. plan product delivery sequence, 3. dynamically organize round trips.

I have 100% ownership of this project from: - coming up with the initial idea, through - algorithm selection and implementation, - designing the application, - software development, - load testing and - deployment to production.

A simple API to solve Travelling Salesman Problem (continued: TSP Sample Response)

Selected Clients / Projects

1now.ia, Palo Alto, CA, USA - PySpark Databricks Data Extraction / ETL Client's feedback: “Provided excellent quality work, complete with additional improvements, and supported the deployment of the project after the contract was finalized and paid.”

CarrierEQ, Inc. AirFox Allston, MA, USA - ApacheSpark production grade ETL / reporting pipelines Job description: “Development of mobile event data aggregation pipeline and reporting metrics. Porting a single server Node.js application to Apache Spark and deploying it in a distributed computing environment.”

Inter-Team, Warszawa, Poland - Optimization of truck routing, warehouse locations and delivery cost allocation Job description: “Customer location geocoding, geo- and driving distance from branch, financial cost allocation for optimal delivery truck routing over a national road network.”

Zulu5 AG, Waedenswil, Switzerland - Apache Spark Scala script analysis, feature development and documentation Client's feedback: “Very good communication skills. Very accurate in task specification and execution.”

Enodos LLC, Cairo, Egypt - Python developer to complete a recommender system project for a large retailer Job description: “Python developer with knowledge of Spark (ie. Pyspark) to update and optimize already written scripts for a recommender system for a large electronics retailer.”

Six Sents Inc., Detroit, MI, USA - Data Specialist -- Redshift/Python/AWS Data Pipeline Client's feedback: “Ryszard has very strong expertise in data science and data transformation tasks. We were extremely pleased with his skills and the results. We will hire him again when we need more assistance.”

C8 Management Ltd., London, United Kingdom - Create ETL scripts using AWS Glue (Spark) Job description: “Create ETL scripts based in AWS Glue that perform batch updates and basic algorithms on data in Redshift.”

LSTM TensorflowOnSpark - Translate LSTM sentiment model using Tensorflow and Keras into TensorflowOnSpark Client's feedback: “Ryszard did a very good job related to our project. He also explained important details about the approach that we selected for the project.”


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