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Gdańsk, Poland
SKILLS: AMPapibackendblockchainbootstrapcssfrontendhtml5javascriptphpPWAsymfonyweb development

As fullstack web developer I have been working with my oldest client for 9 years. Over the years I have worked with many technologies, such as: AMP, git, redis, sphinxsearch, MySQL (ORM), mongodb (ORM), composer, gulp, ant, etc. I write applications in PHP based on the Symfony framework (experience with 2.x and 3.4 including update from 2 to 3).

API serwisu Anonimowe.pl

API in hexagonal architecture was created with the FOSRestBundle (Symfony 3). The task was not easy, because the client needed to adjust endpoints and the structure of returned data to those already existing in the other websites of the company.


Implementacja technologii PWA na m.demotywatory.pl

Through PWA technology, modern mobile browsers (such as Chrome and Firefox) allow to avoid huge costs of creating mobile applications. The implementation of the technology makes it possible to ask users if they want to add a page to their home screen. A page added in this way behaves like a mobile application.


AMP dla m.demotywatory.pl

Implementation of AMP in a mobile version of the service. AMP is Google's answer to Facebook "Instant articles". AMP is an instant loading website on mobile devices, relieving your server (Google hosts its content) and strongly pointing SEO. Google prefers to display the AMP version of your website. Currently most of the traffic comes from mobile devices, so you can gain customers by investing in this technology.


Kryptowaluta społecznościowa Mircoin

An experiment within the site wykop.pl, progress of which can be checked on the mircoin tag page: https://www.wykop.pl/tag/mircoin/.

I created Mircoin cryptocurrency (NXT clone), which was distributed to the users of the website wykop.pl for the number of discoveries on the home page within the Mircoin.community service, copy of the home page: https://web.archive.org/web/20180920131318/https://mircoin.community/en/.

The cryptocurrency has been attracted to the industry portal and an article has been written about it containing the most interesting information: https://bithub.pl/artykuly/mircoin-kryptowaluta-spolecznosciowa/.

The main work was:

  • Creation of Mircoin cryptocurrency based on NXT source code (Java)
  • Multiple bug fixes for the NXT wallet
  • Implementation of PWA into Mircoin's wallet (thanks to this, the crypto has gained a mobile application)
  • Extending the wallet's functionality with the generation of a payment code (QR)
  • Creation of Mircoin.community portal and linking accounts with wykop.pl via Wykop.pl API (PHP, Symfony)
  • Developing a block explorer
  • The creation of the MircoinBot https://www.wykop.pl/ludzie/MircoinBot/ which tracked entries with the #mircoinpay hashtag and, with a properly formatted message, sent tips to users https://www.wykop.pl/wpis/37145791/5-mrc-dla-chinskiecuda-za-https-www-wykop-pl-wpis-/
  • Add-on to the website wykop.pl (in greasemonkey) adding an MRC counter for each microblog entry and for finds https://greasyfork.org/pl/scripts/40978-mircoin-for-wykop-pl. Clicking on it allowed to send a tip to the creator. Successfully submitted MRC was displayed next to the entry. The add-on also created the top of entries/discovers according to the number of Mircoins transferred
  • Competition mechanism based on MircoinBot https://www.wykop.pl/wpis/32670891/rozdaje-4800-mrc-ten-wpis-musi-zebrac-minimum-1-mr/
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence (API cleverbot) to talk to users who mentioned MircoinBot e.g. https://www.wykop.pl/wpis/32800143/#comment-116112951.
  • Possibility to spend Mircoins on web hosting - integration of account creation with the ISPConfig panel and deactivation when user was not able to pay for next billing period
  • A system of quick node creation (bash script) and rewarding in the Mircoin cryptocurrency for help in network building


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