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The company "Drew Met" works on the market since 1990. First, as a business processing wood, based largely on the machines of his own design.

Based on many years of experience we have made the production of small circular saws and circular saws double-shaft. Used in these machines, innovative solutions mean that they enjoy great interest especially small companies processing wood. Produced by our machines are certified by the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Krakow.

For many years the company was engaged in wood processing, based primarily on the machines of his own design. With a huge baggage of experience and technical expertise we have designed and developed machines with high utility values, by fine-tuning all teams affecting the normal process of sawing machine. The company constructed are small sawing saws and circular saws double shaft, and now the manufacturer can boast of technology, thanks to which the machines managed to minimize energy consumption and reduce material waste. These devices allow to achieve high performance and at the same time have compact dimensions compared to the parameters ..



CONTAB sp. O.o. It provides broad financial and accounting services. The company was founded by a group of qualified specialists in the field of finance, accounting and taxes, and internal audit. Each shareholder has many years of practical experience in bookkeeping and management of large businesses, companies belonging to the group, and medium and small businesses.

We provide professional and comprehensive services for the self-employed, as singles, as well as partnerships and companies.

Because a lot of experience willing to take with larger entities.

We support starting from the stage of establishment after conducting a full accounting, billing, payroll and settlements with the Tax Office.

To support its customers use the most modern software, accounting, financial and human resources.



At the moment portfolio only onedrive, soon to invite you to a web page.

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