Mraczek Photo

Mraczek Photo

Zarejestrowany: 30-12-2015
Katowice, Polska
UMIEJĘTNOŚCI: fotografia reklamowafotografia produktowafotografia modyfotografia żywnościfotografia plenerowafotografia marketingowafotografia motoryzacyjnafotografia portretowafotografia reportażowafotografia wnętrzfotografia eventowa

Monica loves outdoor activites and spending time outside with her camera. She is totally in love with skiing,kitesurfing and windsurfing. Her photography is full of energy and passion. She offers sport photography, product photography. food photography and advertise photography. Last Cooperation with:

-Wilson Gallery in Katowice -90 ' Festival -The Queen Of The Hel - Kitesurfing Festival Art Naif Festival Śląska Prohibicja Restaurant Silesia Swimming Center Wysokie Obcasy Online Hokejowa Szkoła Ziętary Oaza Szczęścia Joga Dla Ciebie Błahut&Wojas Garden Design Hawajska Restaurant Kapitalna Restaurant Aioli Restaurant Oerlemans Food Red Bull Mobile Good Food Magazine Surfing Academy TP52 Sailing Boat EasySurf Center windsurfing&kitesurfing school „Ulica” charity association Ski planet Fortum Kitestyle kitesurfing school Surfpoint windsurfing&kitesurfing school Naferie ski school


Publication: Good Food Magazine Girls Dziewczyny Trenują Wysokie Obcasy Online Dziennik Zachodni Katowice

2008 – 2011 Coordinator of authorial photography camp for „Ja yhymm” company. 2011-2015 Photographer for Academy of Physicall Education Magazine. / Cooperation with Student Government. 2011-2015 Volunteer worker for „Ulica” charity association and coordinator of authorial photography workshop „Fortum for Silesian children” with final exhibition in Brussel fostered by Jerzy Buzek.

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Titot Baby Fashion

PROJECTS FOR TITOT BABY FASHION - production - photography - stop motion movies - packshots - social media - catalog design - postproduction - flat lay photos - scenography - kids photography


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