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I am looking for a programmer with experience in writing application installers (written in C #) in a Windows environment (MS Server, Windows 10, 8, 7) for one-time installer writing with the possibility of subsequent cooperation (when changing).

The application requires the following components to be installed:

- SQL Server 2016

- IIS page

- Microsoft service

- Windows program

- installing a virtualna Linux machine (optional)

In addition, we expect:

- easy possibility of making changes without rewriting the code: adding more services / applications / IIS websites

- PL / EN version of the installer and depending on the choice made, installation of the appropriate version of the components

- installation of selected components

- update (all components with particular reference to the database)

- uninstalling selected components

- completing the configurations of the listed components (part of the data may be common to various components, e.g. database address) without the user having to enter the same data on the installer multiple times

- if the installer requires a code to be written, it should be written in C #

Required functions:

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