Anna Winiarska

Anna Winiarska

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Warszawa, Poland
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I am a graduate of the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies at the University of Warsaw in the field of Politology (specialization: public administration). I have been studying foreign languages ​​since I was a child. I have been learning German since I was 6 and English since I was 9 years old. I worked as a translator of written works and audiovisual materials from English, German and Japanese. I will prepare texts in both simple and scientific language.

I'd like to offer you my services:)

Szambala (Wydawnictwo Studio Lain)

Translation: Anna Winiarska Number of pages: 222 Format: A4 ISBN: 978-83-950587-5-2 Release date: September 2018 Original title: Judge Anderson: Shamballa Original publisher: 2000 AD (Rebellion) Release date of the original: 2008 (1990)

Armie zdobywcy (Wydawnictwo Studio Lain)

Translation: Anna Winiarska Number of pages: 192 Format: 240 x 320 mm ISBN: 978-83-950587-8-3 Release date: December 2018 Original title: Épopées fantastiques Original publisher: Les Humanoides Associés Release date of the original: 2002 (1977-1988)

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