Joined on: 2020-02-13
Brzeg, Poland
SKILLS: artistic translationenglishsocial mediatext editingtranslation

My English is proficient, at a C1+ level. I have mastered it during almost twenty years of constant education and self-improvement endeavours. Having worked as both a translator and an English teacher, my skills were always held in high regard by my clients. For five years I have been a member of an international public speaking and leadership organisation, Toastmasters. I am an active participant of weekly English speaking meetings of a public speaking and business nature. My greatest success is competing in the final stage of an international speech evaluation contest. My passion is creating marketing and creative content. This is one of my tasks as Vice President Public Relations in my home Toastmasters club. I also serve as a representative for the Division PR Manager in Krakow.

MOOSE Centrum Języków Obcych

I coducted individual English courses, both beginner and advanced.

https://www.moose.pl/ download:

Studenckie Biuro Tłumaczeń UJ

I translated content from Polish to English and from English to Polish. Texts concerned eg. psychology and law. The biggest client was the organising committee of the World Youth Day.

http://www.sbt.samorzad.uj.edu.pl/aktualnosci download:


I translated the content of tourist guuides from Polish to English.

https://breakplan.pl/ download:

Okręg D dystryktu 108 Toastmasters International

I created a series of praised posts for the means of promotion. The topics were explaining the internal structures of the organisation and presenting ways of using developed skills in professional life.


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