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Poznań, Poland

Hello. My name is Katarzyna. On useme.pl, I came across a completely accidental review of tour offers. After getting to know the site and opinions, I found that I will set up an account here and try something new. I am a mother of two boys. I work permanently at the hotel reception, but this is not enough. I have big ambitions and broad interests. I'm interested in the world, culture in other countries, foreign languages ​​and different from our traditions. I am an organized and orderly person of knowledge. Man learns throughout his life and I personally absorb knowledge very intensely. I do not have professional experience when talking about orders contained here, on useme.pl but I have a large amount of knowledge of life and the world. I love to travel. Countries I have visited are: Germany, Denmark, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt. Not bad for a start - I think. And everything in front of me. :) Man should always have a goal and aim for it, I have. I intend to live comfortably where even in the winter it is warm. Where on New Year's Eve champagne is drunk on the beach under palm trees. Sea. It's my whole life. I love the sea and everything related to the sea. Me and my children have one common dream - to live by the sea where it is always warm. We are slowly striving for that. I, as a mom and dad in one person, have to take care of everything and so I try as soon as a human can. I believe that everything is possible ...  That everything is before me / us ... It is difficult to write about yourself. ;) I hope that my person, though a little interested in you, Greetings :)

Własna praca

... "There are times when I sit on the kitchen chair all night. I wonder why this last year was so difficult. And as long as I did not sit in this kitchen, no chance, I will not come up with it. Why does it take so long to analyze all events, what caused such a powerful fear in me? I ask myself this question for a while, sipping cold coffee. Much of what happened last year will be with me forever. I will forget about the parts over time, but most will never leave me ... It will come back in the least expected moments and probably it will not be pleasant. I'm afraid .

Every day I start again believing that everything is going to be good for me. I try to believe it. Or maybe I just want to believe "....

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