Kinga Kukuła

Kinga Kukuła

Joined on: 2019-08-09
Częstochowa, Poland
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I am a fifth year student of English philology at the University of Silesia. I have a bachelor's degree in English translation and in teaching English. I wrote my papers about translations of songs and about motivation towards learning foreign languages. Currently I’m working on my MA thesis. I will gladly embark on Polish-English as well as English-Polish translations and editing texts in both Polish and English languages. My main fields of interest are travelling and cosmetology.

Blog podróżniczy "Zwiedzając Londyn"

The 'Zwiedzając Londyn' blog is a short presentation of one of the places I visited. It is a project created during one of text editing classes, which took place at my University. I love organizing trips to see new places, and I do it quite often, that is why I feel best at writing travel-themed texts. I always try to find out everything about a particular spot and choose the best way to visit it. If I find out any useful tips for future visitors, I like to share my knowledge with others, who are preparing for the travel. download:

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