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Joined on: 2017-05-25
Katowice, Poland

Experienced creators at your disposal. For over 25 years on the media market. Cooperation with almost all periodicals from the legendary National Geographic at the forefront.

3x Grand Prix MediaKreator 3rd place in the professional category for short films in PISF and NID competition. POND5 Artist. A huge, multi-mine photo archive.

We have great equipment and legal software.

We issue VAT invoices and pay taxes in Poland.

Range of activities: - Digital photography, analogue photography, 35mm, medium format and large format. - Digital photo processing. - 3D photography, Stereograms, Anaglyphs, others - Video and editing - Digital film and editing - Music videos - Anniversary movies - Sound and music for the media - Arrangement and composition of music - A session drummer - Sheet music - Acoustic instruments recordings - Sounding movies - Mixing and mastering of sound - Designing album covers - Designing CDs - Multimedia productions of iBooks Multitouch and the publisher's status in iTunes - Interactive PDF production - Designing, production and publishing of books - Designing, production and publishing of wall calendars - Design and implementation of 3D publications - Rollups, banners, billboards, posters - Occasional publications - Support for photo video events - Texts Many other media-related activities. You have a strange project to do - write immediately. We do what is too difficult for others! We set the prices with the client according to the complexity of the order. Examples on the website.

Music Videos

We have created 5 complicated photo and editing music videos for the progressive group You Know What band. One of them - cave is one of the first music videos in the world using the physical phenomenon - CYMATICS.

Książki i kalendarze dla Bombardier

For many years, we have been developing wall calendars and promotional books for Bombardier. We make texts, photos, projects and preparation for printing. Sometimes we are responsible for printing.

Film rocznicowy

Based on archival materials and photographs, we have developed a film to mark the company's 25th anniversary. We used 3d animation from 2d photography. The individual music was composed especially for this film. The reader reads the text we have developed. We also made an anniversary logo and its animation. Composite service.

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