Szymon Pindur

Szymon Pindur

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Katowice, Poland
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I am a graduate student of English Philology specialising in Polish-English-Chinese translation and interpreting. In the course of my studies, I have gained the necessary skills and experience in translating literature and functional texts, but also academic and technical texts. Recently I have started my career as a freelance translator and I am striving to further develop my skills in that area. Apart from the translating skills, during my studies, I have gained some knowledge and expertise in the field of linguistics and contribute to it researching various aspects of how language works. I apply my knowledge of linguistics in the translation of texts, ensuring that they sound natural and retain their clarity. Apart from translation, I have also several years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language, working both as a teacher in language schools and as a private tutor. My knowledge of English extends right to the early years of my life thanks to my bilingual upbringing. In addition to English Philology as my major, I have taken classes in subjects such as psychology, philosophy, cognitive studies and neurobiology, to facilitate my knowledge and skills in translating texts from various disciplines.

Stworzenie i tłumaczenie tekstu do katalogu Festiwalu Literacki Sopot 2019

The above work was performed under the contract with the Sopot Library, one of the organising bodies of the Sopot by the Book Festival 2019: Great Britain. The order included writing and translating a description of one of the Festival's events - the debate: Tolkien: Author of the 20th Century, which was hosted by myself as a moderator.

download: Tolkien-debata.pdf

Tłumaczenie broszury reklamowej ANG -> PL

A translation of an advertising brochure of a recording studio in the Czech Republic.

download: Broszura_1.pdf

Tłumaczenie tekstu na stronę internetową PL -> ANG download: Website_1.pdf

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