Tłumaczenia&Copywr. - Michał B

Tłumaczenia&Copywr. - Michał B

Joined on: 2019-08-16
Gostyń, Poland

Nice to see You dear User

My name is Michał, I am Polish. I am the student of Wrocław University of Technology. In my leisure time I like to indulge my English passion. I listen and read it. Sometimes I make dialogues with my accuaintainces or even monologues. Everything in case of achieving mastery which I was motivated by my teacher in high school. He made me aware about the power that is hidden in English.

I like to combine pleasant with profitable and thus I opened account on useme.eu. English( writing especially ) is something that I love, not struggle with. If You are from abroad and You would like to run your company in Poland, somebody like me with polish roots is your best option. If You need translator/copywriter I willingly will help You. Expand your company&service in Poland and give me a chance to contribute to it.

Beside from the English i like to do digital presentation. What's more a really like to do manual jobs like woodwork, bike customization, wood painting and itc.

My hobby is powerlifting. I training this sport since 2016. I have learnt a lot for this time also on my own mistakes. If You also keen on gym send me a message if you are interested in consulting stuff. My education and performance are in polish language part of portfolio.

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