Łukasz Pośpiech

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Bytom, Poland
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I am a young man seeking for additional income! As for every day, I have been working in a travel agency, despite my age for over 2 years now. Among my passions you could count travels, long mountain trekkings and literature. I have been trying to develop my lingvistic skills for a few years now, which resulted in passing the CAE exam for 95% in Englishand A-level exam in Spanish. My goal is to make a living from my writing, few of my texts covering different topics were published (essays and articles) in sports-centered portals or local newspapers. One of my stories had been also issued in a paper form. As for every day, I am a student of journalism. Additionally, I'm also studying new media publishing. I have a feeling that i suit working with the text, what is characteristic for me is a wide range of vocabulary and ease in building the sentences. Every day I am also trying to learn something new.


Praca charytatywna w stowarzyszeniu studenckim ALL in UJ działającym z ramienia Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Samo stowarzyszenie zajmuje się organizacją kulturalnego życia studentów poprzez spotkania z autorytetami, informacyjne, kursy czy akcje charytatywne. Sam znajduję się w filarze zajmującym się podróżami, który organizuje wyjazdy, slajdowiska czy spotkania z podróżnikami

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Zlecenie z useme.

Jeden z kilku tekstów zamieszczonych na portalu superpolonia.info jako zlecenie, które udało mi się podłapać.

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