Step 1 / 3: Describe the deal

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It's easy and takes about 2 minutes. Your Client gets an preliminary invoice and then, when it's paid, a regular VAT invoice. We'll settle your tax according to the subject of a deal and a country of your residence.

The title and category will be visible on the official documents regarding this work, including the invoice for the Employer. The name can have maximum 200 characters of plain text. It should describe the job briefly, e.g. design of ABC project.
Give as much details as possible about the offered work, that in case of dispute there is no doubt what was the scope of the work.
Mark if the offer consists of multiple milestones, e.g. paid samples and the actual work.
Start typing to see tax calculation and the amount you will get paid. The Employer will be invoiced the net amount plus VAT (no VAT for foreign companies).
The time for the Employer to settle the payment (between 7 and 30 days).
The number of days needed to complete the job.